2 Mistakes Most Women Make Nowadays That Push Men Away

In today’s article we will discuss mistakes women do that push men away from the relationship.

1. You do not give him peace of mind. Men need space and some peace of mind, of you do not give them that space they will start looking for it somewhere….CONTINUE READING HERE

Stop following him and touching his phone now and then, he will feel like you are invading his privacy. If you do not give him some peace of mind and space to do what he feels is right, he will start walking away from you.

2. You have not accepted the fact that men are naturally polygamous, a man can be deeply in love with you but he will still be flirting with other women.

If you try to control him on her calls and who he chats with, he might start seeing you as a nag. If keep asking and questioning his movements he will definitely leave you.

Do you have any other ideas on mistakes that women do to keep me away? Share with us on the comment section…..CONTINUE READING HERE