7 Sure Signs She Is Madly In Love With You

So you fancy this girl and somewhere deep in your heart you believe that she might be your better half and soulmate, but wait, there is a problem.

Like many men before you, you still can’t completely read women and you are not sure if this particular woman has feelings for you or not…..CONTINUE READING HERE

Here are 7 clear signs that show she is madly in love with you and that should probably talk to her.

One of the biggest signs that can tell you that she is madly in love with you is that she always finds an excuse to spend time with you.

Has she been lately passing by your house more than usual? Or has she suddenly started watching football games with you although she can’t tell football teams apart on the screen? That’s your cue bro, she doesn’t care for football, she just wants to spend time with you because she probably has the hots for you.

When a woman is in love with you, she will pay extra attention to you while ignoring other people who may be romantically interested in her.

Does she remember tiny important and unimportant details about your conversations? Does she notice when you get a new haircut, a new shirt or a different cologne? Bro, that girl might be madly in love with you and you better do something about it, if the feeling is mutual.

Another huge sign that a woman is madly in love with you is that you two seem to talk every day whether through phone calls or text messages and you never seem to run out of things to talk about.

If she initiates a lot of your conversations then she definitely has a soft spot for you, women don’t just talk to people they don’t like.

The lady you fancy might be madly in love with you if she laughs at your jokes- even the really dry ones.

While men are built to be more direct when flirting with their subjects of interest, most women on the hand, tend to send subtle signals that they are interested, and one of the surest ways that she is interested in you is if she laughs or smiles a lot when you are around her.

When a woman is in love, she tends to open up and let loose around the man she loves and not only does she take an interest in your life, but she also keeps you updated on what’s happening in her life.

Does she tell you about her annoying co-worker Susan, her bestie (who you sometimes
wonder why they are friends

in the first place), or the aunt she suspects is a witch? We’ve got news for you, she might be madly in love with you.

Another sign that she is madly in love with you is that she low-key
acts jealous

when you pay more attention to other women or flirt with other women.

Does she suddenly get a little irritated or impatient when you are on long phone calls with other women? That woman is definitely in love with you.

In the current age of technology and social media, one of the easiest ways of keeping tabs on someone is by checking someone’s activities on social media.

Nobody has mastered the art of social media stalking better than a woman, especially one in love. With just a few clicks of a button, she will be able to know who that girl who comments and reacts with a heart emoji to all your posts is.

Once a woman develops an interest in you, she will take her time to learn all about you and your past in a bid to know if you are available and whether you two are compatible. If she likes your posts a few seconds after posting, then she is definitely keeping tabs on you, and she might be in love with you…..CONTINUE READING HERE