A deep kiss or a peck on the forehead? 15 different types of kisses and what they really mean

Kisses are such an important part of intimacy. Some kisses are just better than others in that they mean different things. There are kisses that can send you straight to heaven and others to hell.

Others can make you feel wanted, loved and protected. It all depends on various factors really….CONTINUE READING HERE

Happy Kiss Day!
Marriage and family therapist Dr Callisto Adams

breaks down 15 different kisses and what they mean.
1. That sweet kiss on your forehead

A forehead kiss is labelled as a romantic kiss and as a kiss that shows emotional closeness. It shows love and respect for you through a kiss on your forehead. This kiss is to show how much you are appreciated and respected.
2. Kisses on your cheek

Suppose you have just started your relationship or have been dating for a while. In that case, a kiss on your cheek is a leading road to something more if the other person in shy or a platonic way of saying goodbye if they are not romantically interested in you. If it’s a long kiss on the cheek, then take it as a sign they are trying to get out of the platonic phase with you.
3. Constant kisses on your nose

Generally, it means they want to tell you how happy they are to be by your side. It is a sign of love and not a sign of lust.
4. That gentle kiss

If they kiss you slowly and with tenderness, their main goal is to make you feel comfortable and wanted. While kissing you gently, they want to tell you that
you can feel secure

and that they care about you. One may say that this kiss is passionate too, and it’s true; it is uniquely passionate.
5. They like tongue-kissing with you

When it comes to this type of kiss, there’s something else called perfect timing to go along with it. Usually, a French kiss or a French make-out session is a sign of lust. But French kisses are also a sign of closeness and passion. This person might just be head over heels for you!
6. They give you shoulder kisses

It’s a way of showing that they care and they are there for you. It’s not something passionate or lustful. It’s more of a sign of respect and care. It’s their way of letting you know of their affection and maybe getting into something interesting later.
7. Eyes are always closed when kissing

Kissing with eyes open is slightly awkward and ingenuine at times. If someone kisses you with their eyes closed every time, then
it means they are into it, feeling the kiss, and not faking it. 8. That long, passionate kiss

A passionate kiss at the beginning of the relationship is not quite appropriate. So at that stage, you cannot tell much. If your partner gives you
a long passionate kiss

further down the line, this includes their emotional and physical elements to tell you that they are passionate about you. It is a bridge to get connected with you physically and emotionally.
9. They make you feel like one of a kind with that Eskimo kissing

Eskimo kisses are cute kisses. They rub their nose against yours. Usually, they use it to get a kiss from you and tell you how happy they are to be with you.
The Eskimo kiss

allows them to express their affection for you and how comforting your presence is.
10. Blows you an air kiss

If they blow you an air kiss, then they are playful and want to attract your attention just to show that they are there for you. Playfulness is an important part of a relationship, and this sure is a romantic, beautiful gesture.
11. They give you ‘Three kisses in a row

Three kisses in a row is a new type of kiss that a person in love gives to the one they love. These kisses are short ones that come one after the other. If they give you these magical three kisses, one after the other, they want to make sure that you know that they love you. It’s that type of kiss that makes you notice that your heart, mind, and soul are connected.




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Sign up 12. A kiss on the chin and then a quick kiss

If they give you this type of kiss, they want to be playful and flirty with you. They want to prepare you before kissing you on the lips. Usually, if they try this type of kiss with you when they want to tell you that they like or loves you.
13. A “stolen” kiss

It is just a simple kiss, but that has a unique meaning.

Stealing a kiss is the way to flirt with you and tell you how much you mean to them. Suddenly kissing you is a sign of passion. But ask yourself: what does the person mean to you, or who are they to you?
14. They gives you a kiss goodnight

A goodnight kiss is a way of showing affection and care towards you. If they kiss you on the first date, they might like you, but labelling that as ‘love’ at that stage is a little bit early. If they keep doing that for some time, they have
caught some feelings

and can’t let you go.
15. They take your hands, get you close, and give you a kiss If your person follows this pattern:

1. They take your hands;

2. Brings you close to them;

3. After that, give you a gentle kiss.

If he behaves like this, they might just be ”
your Prince Charming

” or the partner you have been waiting for. They care about the way they kiss you and treat you….CONTINUE READING HERE