Avoid Dating These Kinds Of Ladies

We want to protect you from more heartbreaks as we approach the new year, so we have pinpointed the kinds of ladies you should avoid having a relationship with before 2023 ends and in 2024….CONTINUE READING HERE

1. The transport fare collectors:

While it’s a good gesture to give your girlfriend some money when she visits, it’s a problem if she starts demanding it like it’s her right. Transport money should be a token of appreciation, not an entitled regular payment.

2. The “fake life” gang:

Stay away from women who pretend to be someone they’re not. If she feels the need to create a fake persona, it raises questions about her honesty, and you don’t want to doubt her every word.

3. Content creators:

We’re not talking about those who create content online, but those who take it to the extreme. If she’s obsessed with documenting every aspect of her life on social media, it might lead to awkward situations, like posting intimate details you’d rather keep private.

Kinds Of Ladies To Avoid Dating

4. Gaslighters:

These women rarely take responsibility for their actions. Instead, they make themselves out to be victims and blame you for everything.

5. Unappreciative:

Gratitude, no matter how small, is important in a relationship. If she can’t even say thank you when you do something nice for her, it might indicate entitlement and discontentment, which can strain the relationship.

6. “Misunderstanding” girlfriend:

Life has its ups and downs, and having a partner who stands by you through it all is crucial. If she constantly misunderstands and criticizes you, especially during tough times, it’s a sign that the relationship might not be healthy….CONTINUE READING HERE