BREAKING: Baby mama’s anger vanishes as boyfriend’s alleged side chick challenges her to fist fight (Video)

A video capturing a humorous incident involving a baby mama, her baby daddy, and an unidentified woman has surfaced on the internet, eliciting a variety of funny reactions from viewers.

In the video, a woman who claims to be the mother of the baby approached her boyfriend’s car with suspicions that he was cheating on her with another woman inside….CONTINUE READING

Baby mama

Upon noticing her approaching, the young man stepped out of the car in an attempt to defuse the situation.

However, the baby mama was not interested in his efforts and forcefully moved him aside to get a better view of the alleged other woman.

Eventually, the door on the driver’s side of the car swung open from the inside, and a physically fit lady emerged to find out what was happening and why the baby mama was causing a commotion.

Initially, the baby mama seemed angry and ready for a confrontation, but her demeanor quickly changed when she saw the well-built lady who had just stepped out of the car.

Baby mama and alleged side chick

To everyone’s surprise, the well-built lady gestured for a physical altercation, seemingly challenging the baby mama to a fight.

However, instead of accepting the challenge, the baby mama decided to retreat and swiftly ran away to seek cover.

See some reactions below:

Chuka: “But the Superman woman de shapeless, how would the guy choose that over bunda, howwwwwww ??”

Eze: ” People can get replaced no matter who you are. Hahahahahah”

Godwinjnr: “Run oo”

Solomon: “Wahala don jam trouble”

Akin:How you go leave someone like that and go for bodybuilder….CONTINUE READING