BREAKING: Bello El-Rufai Allocates Millions to Secure Baptist Cemetery, Aid Graveyard Expansion

Hon. Mohammed Bello El-Rufai, the representative of the Kaduna North Federal Constituency, House of Representatives, has demonstrated his commitment to community development by allocating substantial funds to two significant projects in the area….CONTINUE READING

In an effort to preserve the sacred resting place of the departed, Hon. Bello El-Rufai has earmarked a generous sum of N2,500,000 for the fencing of the Baptist Cemetery in Hayin Banki. The decision comes as a response to the community’s concern over encroachment and potential environmental hazards.

“I have mandated the committee to engage at least 30 young people from Hayin Banki to work on the site with decent daily wages,” he said. “May Almighty God grant the members of the ad-hoc committee fairness and justice in their duties.”

Bello furthered revealed that an ad-hoc committee will oversee the construction, ensuring transparency and timely execution of the project.

While the church authorities initially requested N1,900,000 for the fencing, Hon. Bello El-Rufai generously added N600,000 to allow for direct labor implementation.

In addition to the efforts at Hayin Banki, Hon. Bello El-Rufai has extended his support to address congestion issues in the Kawo Ward graveyard. Responding to constituents’ requests, he personally purchased a piece of land to facilitate the expansion of the graveyard.

Recent reports brought to his attention highlighted the urgent need for burial materials in the Kawo graveyard. Hon. Bello El-Rufai promptly donated the sum of N100,000 to cover the cost of burial materials for a year.

He further promised to do the same for the graveyard in Rafin Guza Ward and two graveyards in Hayin Banki Ward….CONTINUE READING