BREAKING: Car Dealer Raises Alarm Over Attempts By Landlord To Cause Ethnic Clash

A car dealer and manager of God’s Time Motors, Victor Ogechukwu, has called on the Lagos State Government and security agencies to call his landlord, Prince Olumuyiwa Jejeloye, to order in order not to cause ethnic violence in Ago Okota area of the State.
P.M.EXPRESS reports that the man, Ogechukwu, stated this over what happened on Tuesday 27th June, 2023, when the landlord, Prince Olumuyiwa Jejeloye, barged into his business premises located at Cele Express to use the Police against his boys accusing them of committing theft in Jejeloye’s plaza….CONTINUE READING
He narrated that Jejeloye had before now showed interest in reselling the landed property already sold by his late mother to AU Motors, who originally owned the land with proper documentation to it, which he bought and now sells cars there.
He stated that after the landlady’s demise, her son, Prince Olumuyiwa Jejeloye, inherited her remaining property and tried to resell the said landed property already bought and occupied by the car dealer, Ogechukwu.
He stated that Jejeloye has been trying to intimidate, threaten Ogechukwu and his boys and that had prompted his recent action to indict the Igbo occupants in criminal matters leaving his own boys out of the whole allegation using the Police at Okota Division.
He stated that Jejeloye used the Police to arrest his boys over burglary that happened in his own plaza, leaving his own men out of the matter so as to achieve evacuation of the Igbos from their business premises while the act committed was done in his Jejeloye’s plaza and not the business place of the Igbo car dealers.
The owner of the phone shop, that was burgled, Madam Lynda, stated that everybody within the area remains a suspect and not restricted to a particular set of people. She explained that she rented the shop two years ago and started selling phones and there has been attempts before they eventually succeeded and stole high technology phones ranging from iPhones to other phones worth over N3m.
Madam Lynda confirmed that she doesn’t have the slightest idea who must have done it and urged the Police should do their investigations and bring the suspects to book.
But Prince Olumuyiwa Jejeloye, who admitted that he also has security personnels in charge of his plaza, arrogantly insisted that the Igbo committed the act and must leave that land and go back to their village so that he will reclaim the land.
This was a land reportedly sold by his own mother with documentations to that effect but it is not enough to stop his greedy intentions, as he further indulged in shielding his boys from any form of interrogation.
Mr. Victor Ogechukwu urged the Lagos State Government to step into matters of maltreatment of the Igbos, which increased after the 2023 General elections and equally call Jejeloye to order over untoward behaviour towards non indegenes as that could led to ethnic violence in Lagos State…..CONTINUE READING