BREAKING: Cybernauts mock El-Rufai, names him reggae minister

Nigerian netizens have mocked ex-Governor Nasir El-Rufai, christening him “reggae minister,” following his cryptic lamentation on betrayal, by posting online a Bob Marley song’s lyrics underscoring the theme.

On Sunday, Peoples Gazette reported how Mr El-Rufai shared lyrics of Bob Marley’s ‘Who the cap fit’ that decried betrayal by close friends and allies, days after he was forced to abandon his ministerial bid over insidious attacks from Nuhu Ribadu and the backstabbing he suffered from his political protege and successor, Governor Uba Sani….CONTINUE READING

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Though Mr El-Rufai declined comment when asked if his cryptic tweet was targeted at Mr Sani, cybernauts have mocked Mr El-Rufai on social media platforms, linking his tweet to his failed ministerial appointment saga.

Senator Shehu Sani, Mr El-Rufai’s political rival, said, “I have turned him into a Rastafarian and reggae artist…yeah man.”

A Facebook user, Esabgbedo Iluobe, said, “Hell rufai is now a rejected stone. He got what he did to others in the past. Haba mallam, you are now minister for reggae songs.”

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An X user, @M77 said, “Wa gwan Rasta El Rufai!! Hypocrite!!.”

Another cybernetizen, @trinityubiego stated, “El Reggae Rufai.”

Facebook user Gabby Gabito said “Minister of Reggae artist and Rastafarians.”

X user @Kuwait_magix, said Tinubu “played you out to Egypt, you’re playing Bob Marley out to us just to console yourself.”

“Lessons has been learnt,” added the commenter.

X user @Drelmoariku said, “So, you have now become a reggae dancer since Tinubu refused to make you a minister. I recommend a collabo with @burnaboy.”

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“Sorry Nasir @elrufai , it’s sad you are employing Bob Marley’s song for Lamentations 101,” said X user AjayiWizeman. “You pose as the people’s friend when you want power. You lie to be an Accidental Public servant when you want to pretend to go destroying Kaduna. Hoin! Na the corn wey you throw us dey haunt you now!!...CONTINUE READING