BREAKING: Festus Okoye: Lying Through His Teeth — An Act of Desperation to Tie Up Loose Ends? – By Okonkwo Samuel

In recent videos, Festus Okoye, the National Commissioner and Chairman of the Information and Voter Education Committee of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has made statements that raise questions about the transparency and integrity of the electoral process. The first video, accessible at [VIDEO 1], shows Okoye confirming the mandatory nature of BIVAS and the real-time electronic upload of polling unit results under Section 64(4) of the Electoral Act….CONTINUE READING

However, in the second video, available at [VIDEO 2], Okoye appears to downplay the significance of real-time result uploads and emphasizes the responsibility of political parties to provide agents to monitor the elections. This raises a fundamental question: If parties are expected to rely on their nominated agents for election monitoring, why has the real-time upload of polling unit results become mandatory under Section 64(4) of the Electoral Act? What is the purpose behind this new provision, considering that the opportunity to nominate polling unit agents has always existed?

In recent appearances on various television stations, Festus Okoye allegedly sought to cover up the rigging that occurred on February 25. The contradictory videos alone is an evidence to support this claim. INEC stands accused of deliberately obstructing the real-time electronic transmission of presidential results, manipulating outcomes to favor their chosen candidate. Festus Okoye and his associates may have underestimated the determination of this generation.

In a same democratic country, individuals like Festus Okoye would face legal consequences for their contradictory statements, perjury, and actions that endanger the interests of the masses while shattering the hope of ordinary Nigerians.

The spotlight remains on the judiciary as Nigerians watch eagerly for justice to prevail….CONTINUE READING