BREAKING: Lady found dead with body parts missing 24 hours after her birthday in Benue

Tragedy struck in Makurdi, as a woman identified as Dorcas Shangev was discovered dead with some of her body parts missing, just 24 hours after celebrating her birthday. The incident, which has left the community in shock, was reported on July 17, 2023.

According to sources, the lady in her 30s had attended a burial with friends on July 14, but failed to return home. Instead, she spent the night at a friend’s house in the Modern Market area of Makurdi….CONTINUE READING

The next day, on her birthday, she promised to call her friend at 3 pm for a planned outing, but failed to do so.

Her friend tried to reach her, but all attempts to contact Dorcas went unanswered. On Monday, July 17, 2023, the friend received a strange message from Dorcas’ phone, directing her to a particular location. Upon arriving at the specified address, the friend made a horrifying discovery – Dorcas’ lifeless body, with some body parts gruesomely removed.

Reports indicate that her eyes, ears, tongue, and breasts, among other body parts, were missing. The friend immediately called her husband, who subsequently alerted the police. The Benue State Environmental Sanitation Agency was called in to evacuate the body for burial.

Martin Tseuma, the acting General Manager of BENSESA, confirmed that they evacuated the corpse based on a report from the police. He mentioned that the police discovered an unknown body at Adem village, near Welfare Quarters, and requested its evacuation for burial.

Family members of the deceased later visited the BENSESA office to inquire about the case. They were directed to the police station, where they learned the details surrounding the unclaimed corpse. The incident has raised alarm and concern within the community, with residents calling for a thorough investigation into the gruesome murder.

The Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Catherine Anene, confirmed the incident, stating simply, “The incident is confirmed.” As the investigation continues, the community mourns the loss of Dorcas Shangev and hopes for swift justice for the heinous crime committed against her....CONTINUE READING