BREAKING: Majeed Dahiru: If Tinubu doesn’t order the arrest of Dokubo, you wonder why Emefiele is still being held.

According to Majeed Dahiru, a newspaper columnist, one will question why Godwin Emefiele is still being held in custody if President Tinubu does not order the arrest and prosecution of Asari Dokubo for illegal possession of weaponry….CONTINUE READING

When asked to comment on a video of Asari Dokubo that went viral on social media in which he made a statement that seemed almost flammable, igniting hate speeches and tension as Asari Dokubo paraded fighters for Tinubu, Majeed Dahiru made the remark during an interview with AIT during the Kakaaki program.

Majeed Dahiru responded that nothing has been done about Nigerians currently resembling a state that has been captured by criminals, dishonest politicians, and outlaws like “Asari Dokubo,” who had the audacity to visit Aso villa to greet President Tinubu and then came out to sit in the pristine of power with a coat of arm behind him, throw serious punches at the arm forces, and armed none state actors.

We saw a video of his armed men that is currently trending, and he claims to be working for the president, claiming to be the president’s pals and faithful, and the president seems to be endorsing such lawless behavior.

That, according to Majeed, demonstrates the amount of illegality in Nigeria. He claimed that it is a major matter and

You will start to question why Emefiele is still being held captive if he (Tinubu) does not order Dokubo’s arrest and prosecution for illegal possession of weaponry….CONTINUE READING