BREAKING: Men and Women Opened Up About When They Realized They Married The Wrong Person

Well, this is going to be depressing…

Because today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about when they realized they married the wrong person.


Let’s see what they had to say.
Wish I’d left…

“Got married. Went on a honeymoon in China. We were both PhD students at the time. I was working class. Her family was middle class. Her father gave her 10,000 $ for the honeymoon….CONTINUE READING

So we go to China to celebrate AND she wants to do some light pre dissertation research while there for a month or two. Fine.

It turns out, I spent the entire two months alone in tiny hostels, while she did research. I only spoke a few words of Mandarin and I was a broke graduate student, so I couldn’t really afford to/didn’t have the means to easily get to an airport to fly back home (also had 0 family support back home, even if I did manage to make it home). I felt trapped.

I talked to her about how the trip felt like a research trip and not at all like a honeymoon, how I was alone almost everyday.

We were sharing a laptop while in the trip (I was too poor to own a laptop, despite being in grad school). I open the laptop one morning before she leaves to go survey a field site without me. Her email is open.

She left a message open on the laptop. It’s to her father, stating she wishes I wasn’t there on the trip – our honeymoon. Again, I was told this would be a honeymoon w/ maybe a slight detour for research. It turned out to be a research trip where I was a burden.

She apologized. We stayed together for a few more years after she got sick and I became a caretaker. I wish, in hindsight, I had left China after reading that email.”

Knew right away.

“It was actually almost immediately after getting married. Our relationship had taken a nose dive as soon as we moved in together.

But after we got married, while we were in Greece on our honeymoon, he absolutely lost his mind on me in public. I had wanted to go see a beach on the island that is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world, so we tried to catch the bus, but it never came.

He screamed at me, telling me he h**ed traveling with me and how could I ruin his vacation like this. Then we walked to the beach nearby and he went swimming with his two friends who he insisted come with us on the trip. I was too stunned and humiliated to do anything except sit on a beach chair and cry.”

That’s weird…

“When she sat me down and with a straight face said “I’ve thought about this and you’re not going to exercise anymore.”

I was jogging a few miles a day and would usually bring kids with in running stroller.

She said you’re a father and it’s too time consuming. That’s when I realized I made a terrible mistake.

Catching her with another man in my car didn’t help the case to stay married.”

All kinds of issues.

“It was a d**th of a thousand cuts.

One of the first was when I realized she didn’t trust me. We had been together around 10 years at this point. But I had a moment of clarity and literally said to her “you don’t trust me do you?” Before she could answer I said “you don’t trust anybody.” And she agreed.

She would routinely throw the kids out of the tub and the bathroom completely naked because they splashed her while getting a bath. And not just that, she would yell at the top of her lungs at how bad they were. The kids were around 2-4 at the time. God forbid the toddler splashes the water in the tub.

Another time I don’t even remember the cause but I tried to play mediator. As in “ok daughter you did something wrong, let’s apologize to mommy”. And she would. Then I’d ask mommy to apologize to our daughter for what for her role and mom absolutely refused to apologize. I’ve known this lady more than 20 years and ive never heard her apologize. Literally never.

The final straw was when one of our kids wanted a hug goodnight before bedtime. She locked herself in our bedroom and refused the hug because she had hugged them earlier in the day. Kids were crying. They didn’t understand. I was devastated watching this unfold. Why doesn’t mom want to hug me?

I try my best to not let it impact me. But we share custody now and I have to watch how she interacts with out kids. Its hard. The best consolidation is the kids are getting older and they’re starting to figure it out.”

That sucks.

“On my wedding day.

We were married at her Parents house, a beautiful place on a private country club. The entire day was all about her, and she spent more time hanging out with her friend and getting drunk than with me. I stayed busy visiting with all the guests during the day.

After all the guests left and it was down to her parents and me, I find her passed out d**nk upstairs in a bedroom. I picked her up and carried her to our car to take her home.

Needless to say our wedding night consisted of her sleeping it off. 5 years later she went in to in-patient treatment and after she sobered up and was released, she told me that she didn’t love me and wanted a divorce.”


“When I lost twins and he dropped me off at the hospital to get an operation to have my babies removed.

He dropped me off at the hospital bleeding and went for a party with his friends…”

Never grew up.

“I realized that I was hiding good news from her because I knew she would make me feel bad about it.

I hoped she was going to grow up and stop being selfish and childish.

She never did.”

Big mistake.

“6 months after our wedding when I found out about the emotional (he says only emotional but I’m pretty sure it was physical too) affair through text messages.

He had sent his affair partner screenshots of my texts to him in which I was begging him to talk to me and tell me what was wrong. They both proceeded to make fun of my desperation to fix my marriage and his affair partner said something along the lines of “poor valiant, she doesn’t know anything and keeps begging you for attention and affection”.

The moment I read those words I realised how big of mistake I had made.”

Left behind.

“When I came home from the ER after being diagnosed with a severe lung disorder, and she immediately left me with the kids so she could go out drinking with friends.

Her exact words were “I need you to make them dinner, I’m running late to meet up with everyone”.”

Be careful when you’re picking a life partner….CONTINUE READING