BREAKING: Navy denying me promotion over my position on oil theft – Dappa

Commodore Promise Zebulon Dappa, a naval officer on Tuesday accused naval authorities of denying him promotion.

This, he claimed, was due to his uncompromising stance against oil theft and anti-piracy operation, which he said led to the arrest of several vessels carrying illegally refined products....CONTINUE READING

According to him, in 2012 when he was commanding the Maritime Guard Command, Lagos, an enforcement comprising the military, he waged war against bunkering activities, which led to the arrest of several pirates and suspected oil thieves, who were handed over to the Department of State Services (DSS), Lagos.

Speaking to journalists in PortHarcourt, he said the huge publicity the operation received at the time from within and outside the country, allegedly stirred up bitterness from senior principal officers at the Naval headquarters, as most of the vessels intercepted had naval approvals.

Dappa said the acts of oppression against him continued as he was denied promotion three times, without recourse to his performance at the promotion boards or pedigree in the service, Guardian reports.

He alleged that he was also denied all appointments commensurate with his rank and competency, wondering whether it is wrong to do things the right way.

“After our Defence Course Qualifying Examinations in 2012, out of about 90 officers that sat for the exam, I was among the 10 on merit list that qualified for foreign defence courses. Four of us went to National Defence College, Bangladesh, while the rest went to other countries. Everybody on that merit list was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral except me.

“They made sure that I was not promoted and was not going to be promoted anymore in the service by ensuring my name was unjustly placed on the non-promotable list. They are, therefore, economical with the truth by saying that the reason I was not promoted was because I was unsuccessful at the promotion boards.

“A cursory look at the last promotion board report of 2014, which promoted us from Captain to Commodore based on almost the same criteria as that of the 2018 board, would validate my point” he said.

While calling on President Bola Tinubu, the National Assembly and Nigerians to investigate the matter and ensure that justice prevails to encourage other officers who might want to toe the path of truth.

He said: “I humbly urge the president and lawmakers to look into the reports of the boards between 2018 and 2020, and promoted if found to be deserving of such.

“This is not just a call for justice and protection of soldiers’ right. It is a call for the eradication of all forms of impunity, primordial sentiments and prejudices in the military, especially in the Nigerian Navy. Soldiers are humans, Soldiers also have rights, Protect the rights of the soldier and build a sustainable society,” he said….CONTINUE READING