BREAKING: Niger président forced to sign letter of resignation

Coup leaders of Niger appear unfazed by ECOWAS’ reaction to internal matters of their country. They keep showing defiance and entrenching themselves in power. They have released ousted leader Mohamed Bazoum from the presidential palace to go home. A short video released by the junta shows the president being escorted on foot to the premises of the palace….CONTINUE READING

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Reports say the military had obtained the important step which is the resignation of the president from office. He did so against his will but that which had also unshackled him from where he was initially held.

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West Africa has taken the world by surprise with a series of coups in the past two years.

Putsch leaders had often cited poverty and misrule by civilian leaders. The new face of military interventions has been the sparing of lives or bloodless coups….CONTINUE READING