BREAKING: “Nigeria’s Actions Driving Support for Military Government in Niger, Warns Shehu Sani”

Senator Shehu Sani has issued a cautionary message to both the Nigerian Federal Government and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) regarding their approach toward the military junta in Niger Republic. Sani expressed concern that the actions being taken by these entities are inadvertently pushing Nigeriens to align with the military administration….CONTINUE READING

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Through his Twitter account, the former federal lawmaker criticized the decision by the Nigerian Government to cut off electricity supply to Niger Republic. He noted that while such measures might not directly impact the military rulers, they would severely affect essential public services such as hospitals, schools, and residences.

Sani emphasized, “The suspension of electricity supply to Niger Republic is adversely affecting critical services like hospitals, schools, homes, and workplaces. This move doesn’t apply pressure on the military junta; instead, it inflicts hardships on the general populace, generating resentment towards our nation.”

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He further commented on the collective actions of Nigeria and ECOWAS, saying, “The course taken by Nigeria and ECOWAS is unintentionally rallying Nigeriens in support of their military government. France, ECOWAS, and Nigeria are inadvertently guiding them to embrace self-sufficiency.”

Sani’s statement reflects concerns over the potential unintended consequences of measures that can lead to public frustration and a sense of national unity around the current military administration in Niger Republic….CONTINUE READING

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