BREAKING: ObiDients Movement disassociates self from act of sabotage by some betrayers

The Obidients Movement Worldwide on Monday 24th July 2023 disassociated herself from the activities of some individuals tarnishing the image of the group.

In a statement issued after an emergency meeting of the Movement jointly – signed by Dr Haruna Gorah, Dr Michael Chukwujekwu, Pastor James Ime and Hon. Pamson Dagyat Obidient movement worldwide expresses her displeasure….CONTINUE READING

The movement accused Mr. Kennedy Iyere of using the identity of group to defraud unsuspecting members of the ObiDients Movement Worldwide and the public.

The Obidient movement watched with dismay a press conference organised by Mr Kenndey Iyere in Imo State, wherein he deceitfully invited Obidients at state level for a meeting and stated that he and the ObiDient movement are working with Governor Hope Uzodimma towards his re-election bid.

This is false and does not represent a fact or principle of Obidient movement.

Obidient movement does not work for, nor support Gov. Hope Uzodinmma as he did not meet the minimum threshold of their litmus test.

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The statement reads, ‘All ObiDients who had been victims of deceit and lending Mr Iyere money and of goodwill with which he uses to advance his enterprise, thinking that they are helping the ObiDients course are doing so at their own risk’

‘The group disassociates itself from the endorsement of Gov. Hope Uzodinma’ as the next governor of Imo State.

The group warned that anyone paying Mr Iyere’s bill or lending him money in the name of supporting the ObiDients is doing so at his or her own risk.

‘Obidients worldwide have nothing to do with Mr Kenny Iyere both politically or otherwise.

‘ObiDients Conveners worldwide and the coordinators at respective levels: the Global, National, Zonal, States, LGAs and Wards coordinating units, resolved to henceforth desist from being part of any Political or unrealistic and fictitious funding intervention meetings or gathering being convened using ObiDients movement as steppingstone by Mr Kenedy Iyere.’

Among the groups that disowned Mr Iyere are; Coalition for Peter Obi – CPO, Peter Obi Support Network POSN, Peter ObiDatti Presidential Global Network PPGN, Women For Peter Obi WPO, Take back Nija TBN, National Transformation Network – NTN, CBBN, Peter Obi Movement POM, Initiative for Better and Brighter Nigeria – IBBN, Advocate for Corporate Truth for Obi – ACT4OBI, Peter, Frontliners for Obidatti, Ambassador Obinna Ukor Agbi, Global Peace Ambassador United Nations volunteers, Peter Obi for Good Governance, and Yell Out Nigeria, Big tent support Groups, UpNorth Ambassadors, Peter Obi Vanguard Ambassadors (POVA), Grassroots Sensitisation Movement Cooperative Society Limited, Peter Obi Lawyers Situation Room, Patrick Egbensi Garden Atlantis Enugu, Unleash Nigeria, Like minds for Peter Obi- LMPO, 20M Alliance for ObiDatti, OBI-DATTI Diaspora Support Group UK….CONTINUE READING