BREAKING: Woman cries out over attempt by husband to use son for ritual

A middle aged woman, Sidikat Suenu, has cried out over an attempt by her husband to use their son for money making ritual after a tortuous initiation into a secret cult failed.

The husband, one Mr. Adewale popular known to have managed a popular and influential musician in the late 80s and early 90s was alleged to have hired hoodlums to attack and kill the son who is now on the run to prevent attack on his life.

A neighbour, who pleaded anonymity in the community, Osogbo, Osun State confirmed that Adewale’s wife was severally beaten and left with multiple injuries by the husband .

Sidikat, who called on the government, and human rights organizations to come to their aid, expressed grave concern over the life of her son now on the run….CONTINUE READING HERE

She explained that her husband who is a member of musical band of one of the most popular Fuji musician in Nigeria, is very influential and highly connected not only in Nigeria, but outside the shores of Nigeria, adding that he ( husband) belongs to one of the dreaded cult group in the country.

Narrating her ordeals, Sidikat while recalling when her son was abducted by agents of her husband, and kept for two days in an known shrine, revealed how husband used magical powers to hypnotized him in a bid to force him into the deadly cult group.

She noted that on different occasions her husband had told her that her son would be the next in line after him in the cult group, a request which she has always resisted.

Speaking with this reporter , Sidikat, who was in tears while narrating her experience , further revealed how her son’s hair, eyebrows, beard, were chopped off by her husband .

She said: “When I saw what my husband and his deadly group did to my son, I became terrified; I couldn’t sleep and broke down emotionally. It made me to recall what led to my decision to run away from him (husband).

“When we met, he told me that we cannot live together as husband and wife under the same roof. He insisted on getting an apartment for me. But after some years, he got very ill . So, I have no choice than to go and take care of him. That was where I discovered frightening fetish items in a locked up room, things that looked as human rituals. When I confronted him, he vehemently warned me never to reveal what I saw to anyone.

“Then, his attitude changed towards me, and at that point I knew I must leave. In an attempt to gag me, he resulted into persecution, at times it was severe beating that leaves injuries all over my bodies. So, because of this I decided to leave after having two children for him. And I have been warning my children to stay away from him, that he is evil.

“I would have lost my son; it was only God Almighty that saved him. I told him this man is evil, he should stay far away from him. But he won’t listen. Now I would have lost him. “

According to Sidikat , her son was able to escape from the shrine and returned home without his hair , beard and eyebrows.

“The wife cried profusely on seeing him. He told us how he was tied with ropes. And how they killed a goat and bath him in its blood .They later killed a dog and a pig. Later, he said he was asked to drink animal blood.

They then led him into a chamber where he was beaten to a stupor with his eyes blindfolded. He said they punched him, slapped him, and left him in coma”, Sidikat narrated.

She further alerted that apart from Yaya (her son) whose life is in grave danger, his wife and two children are currently living with relatives in fear.

When asked if the matter has been reported to the police, Sidikat said reporting to the police will further expose their lives to danger because her husband is highly connected and very influential, adding that he knows those that matter in the police.

She, however, expressed the belief that crying out in the media will assist in drawing the attention of well meanings individuals and organizations to their plight.

“I am confused. Please help me, my son must not die. Nothing must happen to any of us. We have not done anything bad. Our only sin is that we refused evil by saying no to shedding of innocent blood. I call on the governments, civil rights organizations and well meaning individuals to save our lives from the machinations of evil people”, she declared….CONTINUE READING HERE