BREAKING: Yoruba Voters Regret Voting Tinubu Into Office; Wish For Peter Obi’s Govt

Yorubas who resorted to voting along tribal lines in the February 25th 2023 presidential election are now regretting their decision. A video sampling their opinions has revealed that they are now living in regrets, with many of them wishing they had voted for ‘a more qualified candidate’ like Mr Peter Obi of the Labour Party…..CONTINUE READING HERE

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In the video, they admitted that they voted for ‘their brother’ (President Bola Tinubu), and that it was not easy for them to vote for other candidates.

Some of them have now slammed President Bola Tinubu’s nicknames: Jagaban and Emilokan, saying the hardship in the country is becoming unbearable.

According to them, Tinubu has failed the Yoruba people following the rising prices of foodstuffs, gas, fuel, and etc.

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Watch Them Speaking Below

Across Nigeria on the presidential election day, there were many such incidents of ethnicity-based voter intimidation.

The 2023 Nigerian elections were reported to have been so marred by violence and vote-rigging that both major opposition parties immediately called for the results to be overturned.

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Legal challenges had been filed but the disputed winner, Bola Tinubu, won all court cases.

Particularly in Lagos State, Yorubas reportedly attacked those who voted for other candidates….CONTINUE READING HERE