EXCLUSIVE: Oshiomhole’s Musical Talent Shines At Post-inauguration Party(Video)

Check out this wonderful video that will undoubtedly make your day! It depicts a unique moment when Adams Oshiomhole, the former NLC president, mounted the stage and delivered an incredible performance in his native Afemai language.…CONTINUE READING

The event commemorated Oshiomhole’s post-inauguration party as a senator representing Edo North Senatorial District, as well as Oshiomhole’s dedicated service to his community, state, and nation.

Thousands of guests gathered at his country home in Iyamho to honor him, and he didn’t disappoint. Oshiomhole’s entertaining performance left everyone thoroughly entertained.

Seeing the genuine happiness and joy on Oshiomhole’s face reminds us that life should be taken with ease, one step at a time. It’s a beautiful reminder to appreciate the simple joys that come our way.

Now, I won’t claim to be an expert in interpreting music, but I can confidently say that Adams Oshiomhole’s stage presence rivals even that of Grammy Award-winning Burna Boy. His performance is truly something that would make Burna Boy himself grin with envy.

Let’s celebrate the happiness and talent displayed in this video and remember to embrace life’s joyful moments. Spread the positivity and share this incredible performance with your friends! 🎶😄

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy…CONTINUE READING

Source iReporteronline.