EXPOSED: The Untold Story About Liberation City’s “Chris Okafor” & Why He Cannot Enter The ‘United States Of America’ Again.

Dr. Chris Okafor is a Nigerian preacher and one of those propagating the miraculization of the gospel of Jesus Christ, aside Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Love World Nation, aka, Christ Embassy and Prophet Temitope Joshua of the Synagogue of all Nation, when he was alive.

Chris Okafor had in the past been embroiled in series of fake miracles that almost had his now gigantic church, the Mountain Of Liberation And Miracle Ministries, aka, Liberation City or Assembly as the case maybe, in ruins but as that did not make him stay off controversy, what this platform have on him now is one that has to do with his stay-off the United States of America completely….CONTINUE READING HERE

“Precious Eze’s Blog” have it on good authority that Dr. Chris Okafor, as highly placed and influential as he is, he or any member of his family would never be allowed into the US anytime soon.

This issue is so bad that his wife has to seek asylum as a way of getting in and moving the entire family of Chris Okafor to the US as it is not possible for them to go under the cover of his supposed prestigious husband’s name, societal standing and image as a Nigerian man of God, but it is not clear yet how that asylum seeking adventure of his wife went, though the handlers of the man of God would deny this but this is a true story.

“Precious Eze’s Blog” would dig further to unravel what eventually happened with the asylum seeking adventure of his wife, as it is not clear as at press time, what the real situation is with that but with his image in Nigeria and what he is known with, readers could but wonder what the likes of Dr. Chris Okafor will do if he eventually succeeds with moving to the US or moving with his family but the question begging for answers now is, what records does America have on Chris Okafor to have denied him entry into the God’s own country and especially why is his wife, trying to us the back door?

This is a developing story and we would help it develop further by unraveling the story behind the story….CONTINUE READING HERE