Finally, I’m expecting a son – Davido’s alleged pregnant American lover

The US-based businesswoman and model, Anita Brown, who is allegedly pregnant for Nigerian Afrobeats singer Davido, has revealed the gender of her unborn baby.

Ms Brown allegedly claims she met Davido in Dubai in 2017, and the two of them were in an on-again, off-again relationship until the pandemic hit in 2020…..CONTINUE READING

Recently, she called out the singer for allegedly impregnating her and asking her to terminate the pregnancy.

However, Davido has yet to make any clarifications on the allegations since she called him out.

During an Instagram live session on Thursday, the alleged pregnant model disclosed the gender of her child to viewers.


In the live video, where over 2000 users joined in, Her response suggested a certainty of what she meant.

She said, ” Ima have a boy, and that’s that.”

Meanwhile, during the live video, a user @mbah_deseline allegedly faulted that Chioma was Davido’s first wife, suggesting that Ms Brown should use it as a clap back.

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She said, “Bebe so fine, @ninatheelite. If they attack you, tell them Chioma was also a side chick promoted to a second wife. Tell them Amanda, Hailey’s mom is David’s first wife.

The US-based model responded, “They don’t hear you. That’s not the first wife, but let me shut up.”
Justice for Baby Mamas

Aside from her slams and threats, Davido’s baby mamas are in Ms Brown’s good books.

A baby mama is a woman with a child or children for a man, especially one she is not married to.

Davido is one Nigerian male celebrities who has baby mamas. Notable among them are Sophia Momodu, Amanda, and Chioma Rowland, whom he recently married.

Ms Brown, in her series of tweets, volunteered to be a voice for the singers’ baby mamas and help them get justice.

She said, “I’ll get work visas for his struggling Babymamas until they can get whatever they deserve!”

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“It’s about six baby mothers, UNPAID! And struggling! Speaking out like a deadbeat! All because they can’t go to no real judge and have favour! SMD! Here I COME!”
Slamming Spree

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, she has gone further to slam Davido, sharing shocking comments about the singer, his late son, and his wife, Chioma Rowland.

In a series of tweets on her Twitter handle, the model also threatened to grant interviews and to get herself a lawyer.

She said, “Your child passing warrants you to have sex with a bunch of different women raw, but we have to respect that your child passed away almost a year ago and that you have a newlywed? @davido”

“So sad. All you know how to do is beg females. Beg, beg, beg to try to get what you want. Pathetic excuse as a man, @davido; you couldn’t be a good father. That’s what God took from you! CLOWN!”

“All that defamation of character. I’m letting a lawyer handle it. Everything that tried to destroy my character trusts me; I will have my lawyer in the midst. You all keep playing with me. I’m starting to accept these interviews I’m being asked to do! That’s my next step…..CONTINUE READING