Group to SGF: Embark on genuine sacrifice for betterment of Benue

A group operating under the name “Benue Alliance for Good Governance” (BAGG) Tuesday called on the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Senator George Akume, to embark on a path of genuine sacrifice for the betterment and development of Benue state and its beloved citizens.

The group also urged him to prioritise the collective well-being of the people of Benue above personal interest and ambition….CONTINUE READING HERE

Convener of BAGG, Dr Aondona Asambe, who led the group to address a press conference in Makurdi said the seeming fight between the SGF and Governor Hycinth Alia of Benue state was not in the interest of the state and it will do the state more harm than good.

The group called on Senator Akume to focus on his role as the SGF and abstain from interfering in the internal affairs of Benue state.

The group said: “Now that Sen. Akume has found himself among the opportuned few who decides the fate of Nigerians and the only Tiv man ever to be elevated to this height, we earnestly call upon him to embark on a path of genuine sacrifice for the betterment of our beloved state.

“It is time to prioritise the collective well-being above personal interest and ambition.

“In recognition of the unwavering resilience displayed by the majority who endure these hardships, we implore Sen. Akume to jettison the idea of another fight with a third governor in succession and rather use his exalted office to influence developmental projects to the state to complement what Governor Alia may have to offer.CONTINUE READING HERE