Gwer East crisis: YOU MUST Produce him dead or alive – Benue Speaker orders Mbaivuur

The Honorable Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, Honorable Hyacinth Aondona Dajoh, alongside members and the Chief of Staff to Governor Alia, convened a peace meeting with the warring communities of Mbasombo and Mbaivuur, as well as stakeholders and traditional leaders of Gwer East Local Government.

The meeting aimed to address the lingering communal crisis that has resulted in the destruction of properties worth millions of Naira and the loss of lives. At the end of the meeting, the following directives were issued:…CONTINUE READING

  1. Resolution within Five Days: The President General of Masev, President Mbasombo, President Mbaivuur, and Ter Gwer have been directed to convene a meeting and find ways to resolve the crisis within five days from June 29, 2023.
  2. Immediate Action on Kidnapping: The Speaker has instructed the President of Mbaivuur to produce, dead or alive, the youth from Mbasombo who was kidnapped while working on his farm, after his nursing wife was gang-raped by a militia group within two days from June 29, 2023.
  3. Firm Response to Instigation: Security agencies have been directed to intervene and take decisive action against anyone, regardless of their status, found to be instigating or sponsoring any form of crisis within the two communities.
  4. Withdrawal of Pending Cases: The Speaker has directed the President of Mbaivuur to initiate and complete all necessary processes to withdraw the pending cases that his community has against Mbasombo within five days from June 29, 2023. This will facilitate peaceful resolutions and demarcation of the land in contention.
  5. Warning of Consequences: The Speaker has issued a strong caution that if, for any reason, the President of Mbaivuur fails to find ways to settle the crisis and permanently remove militia groups from his community, the government will take severe measures. In such an event, all living beings will be evacuated from the land of Mbaivuur, and individuals from the community currently holding appointments with the state government will be relieved of their positions.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker, Akume Raphael, shared these directives as outlined during the peace meeting. The aim is to ensure swift action and lasting peace between the Mbasombo and Mbaivuur communities, bringing an end to the longstanding crisis….CONTINUE READING