(Heartbreaking) “They said I was cursed” – Woman tearfully shares painful ordeal of losing her 6 babies through C-section

Margaret Wamaitha, a woman from Nairobi, bravely opened up about the devastating and painful experiences she endured while losing six babies.

With tears streaming down her face, she recounted the trauma and the harsh judgment she faced during these emotional moments….CONTINUE READING

"They said I was cursed" - Woman tearfully shares painful ordeal of losing her 6 Babies through C-Section
A photo of the woman in tears while she narrates her ordeal. Photo Credit: :@TUKO.co.ke/Rita Gitonga. Source: UGC

Wamaitha revealed that she was subjected to cruel labels and accusations, with some people claiming that she was cursed or harbored a dark cloud of bad luck.

“People said I was cursed. Others told me to gather elderly individuals and a goat for a cleansing ritual,” she revealed, her voice filled with sorrow.

The distressed mother further shared that she was ill-advised by some to consult a witch doctor in the hopes of resolving her situation.

Such suggestions only deepened her sense of hopelessness and despair.

Sadly, the opposition Wamaitha faced was not limited to society alone.

Even within her church community, she encountered criticism and blame.

She said;

“Pastors would use my story against me, labeling me as stubborn and suggesting that God was punishing me by taking away my children. Some even had the audacity to imply that I was sacrificing my kids,” her pain evident in every word.

Despite the immense challenges she endured, Wamaitha found solace in her surviving child, Precious, a strong and vibrant girl who became her pillar of strength.

However, the loss of her seventh-born child marked a turning point for Wamaitha.

She decided to close the chapter on attempting to have any more children, acknowledging that her situation was beyond her control.CONTINUE READING