Here Are Types Of Foods You Should Start Eating If You Get Older

Are you aware that there are certain adjustments you should make in terms of feeding once you clock 50 and above? A person who is 50 and above is considered an older adult and as such, certain foods may not be completely appropriate for him or her because the body needs some changes in nutrition as we age.

In this article in line with a publication on Medline Plus, we are going to have a look at some foods you should start eating more regularly or types of foods you should start eating often once you clock 50 and above. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new…..CONTINUE READING HERE

What Are The Types Of Foods You Should Start Eating More Often If You Are Getting Older?

1. Eats foods that will give you lots of nutrients without adding much calories to your body. Some of these foods are; fruits and vegetables, especially the orange coloured fruits, whole grain cereals like oats, while wheat bread and brown rice. These foods won’t add much calories to your body, but they will boost your nutrition level.

2. Consume more legumes and nuts such beans, and the healthy nuts we have in the market more often. The reason is that, these things are loaded with fiber which is very good for the body generally and even more necessary for an older person.

3. Lower your consumption of foods that contain empty calorie or just calories with no additional nutrient for the body. Some of them are, chips, sugary drinks, soda, baked goods like cake and many other junk foods. They are not so good for adults and even kids but even worse for older adults.

4. Always take enough water as you get older. The reason is that, some people lose their sense of thirst when they get older, but make sure you take enough liquids or water as that will go a long way in promoting good body function…..CONTINUE READING HERE