Hon. Boston Munda spends 500M Leones on education to support Bio’s Human Capital Development drive

Hon. Boston Munda, Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Member of Parliament for Kenema District, has announced that he has recently spent five hundred million Leones to construct a school building for pupils in Kenema, in support of President Bio’s human capital development initiative….CONTINUE READING HERE

Hon. Munda was speaking in an exclusive interview with our Parliamentary correspondent.

He explained that his decision to build the school was prompted by the dilapidated state of the previous structure, which he described as unfit for use. He said that he used mostly personal funds and funds obtained from well-wishers to finance the project.

Hon. Munda stressed the need for personal investments in developmental initiatives, which he said he has been involved in for many years. He outlined his contributions to microfinance, amounting to two hundred million Leones to two hundred women, which are still in circulation, among many other projects. He also highlighted his contribution of ten desktops and an E-learning centre to the East End University.

He concluded by encouraging other Members of Parliament to make similar investments in their communities, in order to ensure national growth….CONTINUE READING HERE