How Heart breaking Moment Asake jumps into crowd, lands on the floor (Video)

At the Afro Nation in Portugal, popular Afrobeats musician Ahmed Ololade, professionally known as Asake, makes a sensation by jumping into a mob that failed to catch him.

Following an explosive performance at Afro Nation in Portugal, the singer, who was recently chastised for forsaking his followers after stardom, makes a highlight….CONTINUE READING

During the act, the ‘Amapiano’ singer decided to spice things up by diving into the crowd at breakneck speed.

Unfortunately, Asake fell to the ground after being ignored by his fans. The scene has subsequently elicited conflicting opinions on social media, with many claiming that the singer does not have enough hit songs to attempt such a leap.

Watch the video below …

How Netizens Reacted As Asake Jumps Into The Crowd;

I_Am_Winter wrote: “With this speed? Who should catch him”

L2Dzee said: “You can’t try this in this generation….. Everyone has their phone out…. If you jump, they’re protecting their property…”

igbega_philips said: “baba think say e dey swimming school why e dey dive? hope he didn’t land on the ground sha”

WhooTheyWant added: “Idk why they think ppl supposed to catch their big ass”

TheBenueBoy stated: “Na bush man nau He no sabi how he suppose take jump.”

Adeola__Osho penned: “Would have lost a tooth or more”

HotboySZN_ said: “How many hit songs he has to pull that stunt?…CONTINUE READING