I’m a relationship expert and these are the seven things men ‘don’t care’ about

‘Men don’t care, and I’ll tell you exactly what the don’t care about,’ the dating expert said.

She narrowed the long list down to seven important points all women should be aware of when they’re courting a partner….CONTINUE READING HERE

1. Your academic achievement

‘I’m not saying he won’t be impressed by them, but they’re not going to help him choose whether you’re a suitable partner for him,’ Louanne said.

Instead, men are more concerned with a woman’s ability to be feminine and comfortable with herself.

2. Your busy social life

‘Men don’t want to know how busy you are socialising and going places,’ the dating expert revealed.

Louanne shared that men care about how women look physically, and how they look after their homes, health, and their partners.

3. Your career success

The Perth dating coach revealed that like their education, a woman’s career isn’t going to help a man decide whether she’s a great match for him.

But an important character trait is how supportive someone can be about their goals and dreams.

What’s important to a man according to a dating expert


1. Ability to be feminine

2. The way you look physically and

3. Being supportive of his goals and dreams

4. Your sex drive

5. Your ability to admit when you’re wrong

6. How caring and kind you are

7. Ability to control your emotions and be rational

Not important

1. Academic achievements

2. Your busy social life

3. Your career

4. Financial status and how rich your parents are

5. Independence

6. Social media and how many followers you have

7. Collection of designer wardrobe items

Source: Louanne Ward Matchmaking

4. Your financial status

‘Your rich parents, or all the things you have – they don’t matter to him,’ Louanne said.

She revealed that while a man would prefer not to take in a woman who is coming with a whole pile of debt, her financial status is ‘not a major selling point.’

5. How independent you are

Louanne said that when a man hears the line, ‘I don’t need a man’ – he usually checks out.

‘Why would a man not want to be needed?’ she asked.

Instead, she said that men are looking for a woman who can control her emotions and be rational.

‘He wants someone who can talk about the way they feel rather than ranting, raving, blaming, and nagging.’

6. Your social media and how many instagram followers you have

The dating expert revealed that social media accounts are shallow aspects of a person’s character and do not say anything specific about their personality.

7. Your designer handbags, designer shoes, or how much they cost

Similar to her social media point, a person’s wardrobe is mainly a materialistic aspect of their personality that doesn’t reveal anything deeper about their soul.

A professional matchmaker has revealed the seven aspects of a woman’s character a man wouldn’t consider when he’s thinking about a long-term relationship

A professional matchmaker has revealed the seven aspects of a woman’s character a man wouldn’t consider when he’s thinking about a long-term relationship

Many were thankful for Louanne’s wisdom.

‘You had me worried at the start there!’ a woman said. ‘But quite true in the end … Caring and being impressed are definitely two different things.’

‘Love you advice, this is nothing but the truth,’ another wrote.

‘This is so accurate, thank you for sharing,’ a third added.

But others disagreed with her ‘controversial’ opinions.

‘Men only care if you respect them and how intimate you are,’ a man wrote.

‘I say that the modern man does care about a woman’s financial status, because he doesn’t want to look after a woman financially,’ a woman said….CONTINUE READING HERE