I’m a sleep expert – here’s the gross reason why you should never snooze naked

I’m a sleep expert – here’s the gross reason why you should never snooze naked

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WITH the hint of warmer climes ahead, you might be thinking of shedding a few of your nighttime layers when you hop into bed…...CONTINUE READING HERE

But sleep experts have issued warnings for those of you who like
snoozing in the nude


Resident sleep expert at Time4Sleep Dr Hana Patel said stripping off could come with
hygiene risks


When we sleep, our bodies shed hair, skin saliva and faecal matter – yes, poo particles – onto our bed, she wrote in
a blog post


This shedding process is likely to increase if you choose to snooze without your pyjamas.

On top of that, your
bedding collects dust mites

the longer you sleep in your bed, which increases the levels of bacteria in your sleep space.

“If you do choose to sleep naked, I would recommend that you wash your sheets at least once a week,” Dr Patel said.

And if you share a bed with a partner, she also suggested you have a conversation about sleeping preferences.

“If you are sleeping beside someone, I would say it’s personal preference as to whether you sleep naked, as long as both parties are comfortable and aware of the risks,” the specialist explained.

All this being said, there are definitely a few benefits to sleeping naked, one of them being that it improves your blood circulation.

Sleep psychologist Dr Katherine Hall previously
told the Sun

: “When you sleep your blood circulation increases regardless, but sleeping naked stops any clothing like socks or tight pyjamas from restricting blood flow.”

Good blood circulation allows every organ to function properly, helping blood and oxygen flow through our bodies.

It’s particularly “crucial for your

and muscles”, Dr Hall added.

“For men, it can increase fertility and for women, it will lower your chance of any infections caused by uncomfortable underwear. ”

Sleeping in the nude can help regulate your
body temperature

, which is always higher when you’re ill with conditions such as the


Dr Patel said: “Many studies have been carried out into thermoregulation of sleep providing evidence that sleeping naked can help to regulate your temperature which is always higher when you’re ill, so ditching the pyjamas is likely to help bring your temperature down and help to combat common illnesses like a cold.”

But though sleeping naked can cool you down when you’re ill, it’s not actually recommended when it’s warm outside – going without PJs can actually make you feel hotter, according to Dr Patel.

Instead she recommended you sleep in light pyjamas or bed linen made out of natural fibres as a ‘sweat-wicking barrier’….CONTINUE READING HERE