JUST IN: David De Gea Rolls Back Manchester United Contract Deadlock With Cheeky Wedding Day Post With Wife, Edurne Garcia

David De Gea seemed to have gone over his contract deadlock at Manchester United as he shares his wedding post with his wife Edurne Garcia with a telling caption.

We reported earlier David De Gea tied the knot with Edurne Garcia and had a pre-wedding bash on the scenic islands of Menorca in Spain with about 80 to 100 guests in attendance all dressed in white…..CONTINUE READING

The couple ensconced in the warmth of their friends, relatives, and closest loyalists wedded each other in Spain, their homeland, after 13 years into the relationship.

It was all smiles and excitement for the newest couple in town as they shared footage of the event surrounded by invited guests.

David De Gea

After the wedding ceremony, David De Gea and Edurne Garcia took to their social media handle to share the milestone moment in their love journey with a cheeky post.

Posing in their posh wedding outfit, the couple wrote, “could not be more happier.”

Ironically, David De Gea and Edurne Garcia wedded and had their best moments hours after De Gea ran out of his Manchester United contract.

Being the longest-serving player in Manchester United, De Gea saw his 12 years stint with Manchester United come to an end in the most dramatic fashion.

De Gea signed a new four-year contract with Manchester United in 2019 – a deal which made him the highest-paid goalkeeper in the world with a weekly wage of £375,000.

The 32-year-old ran out of his four-year contract this simmer but talks on contract renewal is said to still be on the table.

Manchester United under new manager Erik Ten Hag wants to keep De Gea but on a significantly reduced wage offer. Sources close to the club reveal Manchester United new contract proposal for De Gea pecked down his weekly wage from £375,000 weekly to £200,000.

Initially, De Gea tarried on the contract refusing to sign it due to the reduced wage offer. He later agreed and signed the new deal but Manchester United back off refusing to sign off the offer. They withdrew the offer, came back with a more reduced offer leading to a fresh standstill in the contract renewal proposal.

Meanwhile, De Gea was running out of time to renew his four-year contract and finally ran out of the deal on June 30 with Manchester United exploring alternatives to replace him.

Amid the dragging contract renewal saga, David De Gea seemed to have gotten bored with the whole process as he dropped a cryptic yawning emoji on his social media handle.

However, the torrid chapter in his career was offset hours latter with a posh pre-wedding bash with Edurne Garcia and it appears the contract renewal drama has not tempered with his happiness.

After his wedding with Garcia, De Gea dropped another cheeky Twitter post which reads; ”life is beautiful.”

The tweet, which is an allusion to his happy moment wedding Garcia, could also be understood as a move by the Spaniard to sweep off his Manchester United misfortunes under gloss wedding ceremony.

Manchester United are still ready to continue with his contract renewal talks but Inter Milan’s Andre Onana has been targeted by the club as his replacement should the contract renewal process fail…..CONTINUE READING