JUST IN: Tinubu’ll be forced to vacate seat of Presidency; there’ll be a rerun between Atiku, Peter Obi – Clergy

Pastor Kingsley Okwuwe of the Revival and Restoration Global Mission has foretold a potential rematch between Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi, saying President Bola Tinubu would be forced to quit office.

This prophetic message was conveyed by Pastor Okwuwe, on Monday, through his official YouTube channel.
He stated that President Tinubu “will vacate the seat of the Presidency”…..CONTINUE READING HERE

“BAT (referring to Tinubu) will be forced to vacate or quit the seat of presidency and there will be a rerun between Atiku and Peter Obi.

“You will see this come to pass. God’s hand is upon this nation. God wants to preserve Nigeria into a new Nigeria.
“Those closer to BAT should let him know what The Lord is saying.
“I already told you a vision where he (Tinubu) was conquered by two opposite forces, and he was down. Remember I also told you that there will be a fight between two giant elephants; I told you that one of them will be from the main party.
“These two elephants are already fighting. And from what we are seeing, it is going to be a tough fight. I prophesied this since June.
“What will happen is an act of God. The rerun will happen and the perfect will is going to be achieved…..CONTINUE READING HERE