JUST IN: Update Of Verydarkman Poor Speech Delivery Stirs Reactions

JUST VeryDarkMan has recently faced a challenging experience when he was asked to give a speech at a performance in Jos.

Despite his hesitation, he finally attended the show but found himself in an unexpected situation….CONTINUE READING HERE

VeryDarkMan shared his frustration on social media, highlighting how he was deceived by the event’s host.

VeryDarkMan, known for his controversial activism, has been dragged online after attending a show in Jos and being unable to speak confidently.

The activist claimed he was persuaded to attend the show in Jos after his presence was noticed in the North-Central region.

According to him, he felt out of place when he was unexpectedly asked to give an impromptu opening address and invite the event’s artists on stage.

Being unprepared for such a role, VeryDarkMan expressed his discomfort, stating that he was more accustomed to dragging people and engaging in online controversies….CONTINUE READING HERE