Mr Ibu’s Health: “He is shameless, an attention seeker” – Why KOK tackles Verydarkman for calling out top actors

Kanayo O Kanayo drags Verydarkman for calling out top actors amid Mr Ibu’s health challenge

Veteran actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo fumes at the controversial media personality, Verydarkman for tackling top Nollywood actors amid Mr Ibu’s call for help.
He described Verydarkman as an attention-seeker, adding that he’s shameless....CONTINUE READING HERE

Nigerian movie veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo has called out Verydarkman for taking a dig at Nollywood actors following Mr Ibu’s call for help.

Recall that hours after Mr Ibu solicited funds and prayers from the public from his sick bed, Verydarkman who doesn’t waste time delving into trending issues, unleashed a verbal torrent, deeming Mr. Ibu’s public plea for assistance a slap in the face of his fellow actors.

He made it clear that he’s absolutely flabbergasted by their alleged neglect, which has left Mr Ibu with no choice but to broadcast his troubles on social media.

He left no room for excuses, firmly stating that there was simply no valid justification for not rallying around Mr. Ibu. He made it crystal clear that arguments like Mr. Ibu being a well-paid actor hold no water, especially when faced with the harsh reality of a health crisis that could happen to anyone.

Verydarkman underscored that the Nollywood industry should have evolved enough to have a structure and system in place that looks out for cinematic legends like Mr Ibu, who have been instrumental in dishing out laughter and entertainment on the silver screen.

The TikToker served up some food for thought, suggesting that Nollywood’s bigwigs should stash some cash in the pension pot to provide for the industry’s old hands.

He staunchly argued that heaven forbid, if something unfortunate were to befall Mr Ibu, those silent colleagues who’ve been as tight-lipped as clams about his health challenges would suddenly be opening their wallets wide for a grand burial.

In light of this, Kanayo O. Kanyao berated Verydarkman for attempting to gain traction with Mr Ibu’s condition.

He maintained that if one is moved to give, he or she should do it quietly and not coming online to rant.

KOK specifically slammed Verydarkman for calling out Nollywood actors in the face of Mr Ibu’s plight. He further referred to him as shameless, unruly, and an attention seeker.

In his words:

Gaining traction with someone’s misfortune, handicap, ill luck is wicked.
Give, if you have to, without calling for the attention of the social media.
One ‘ very dark man’ calling top actors, shameless is unruly and attention seeking.
@realmribu please get well soon”...CONTINUE READING HERE

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