New Service Chiefs: South West gets two as Tinubu shuns North Central

In the recent appointment of new Service Chiefs in Nigeria by President Bola Tinubu, it is evident that the South West region has received two significant positions, while the North Central region has been excluded. This development has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about regional representation and inclusivity in key security positions.

The breakdown of the appointments reveals a diverse mix of religious and regional backgrounds. The National Security Adviser, who hails from the Northeast, is a Muslim. The Chief of Defence Staff, from the Northwest region, is a Christian. The Chief of Army Staff, representing the Southwest region, is a Muslim…..CONTINUE READING

The Chief of Naval Staff, from the Southeast, is a Christian. The Chief of Air Staff, also from the Northwest, is a Muslim. The Chief of Intelligence, hailing from the South-South, is a Christian. Lastly, the Inspector General of Police, from the Southwest, is a Christian.

While the appointments showcase a balance in religious diversity, concerns have been raised about the exclusion of the North Central region. This region has been grappling with various security challenges, including farmer-herder clashes, banditry, and communal conflicts. The absence of appointments from this region has sparked debates about the need for equal representation and effective security measures in addressing the specific issues faced by the North Central.

President Tinubu’s decision to allocate two significant positions to the South West region can be seen as a strategic move to consolidate support within his base and enhance regional influence. However, critics argue that broader considerations, such as regional balance and inclusivity, should be prioritized in these appointments to ensure effective security strategies nationwide.

As the newly appointed Service Chiefs assume their roles, their ability to provide strong leadership, foster interagency collaboration, and address security concerns across the country will be closely monitored. The exclusion of the North Central region will continue to be a subject of discussion, highlighting the importance of equitable representation and the need for comprehensive security measures throughout Nigeria…..CONTINUE READING