Out Of CHINA- This Is Absolutely TERRIFYING

It looks like China is sending weapons, military equipment and probably cash to Russia to help them win their war with Ukraine.

That’s quite alarming however Biden and his incompetent cronies are turning a blind eye.

China Joe, who is deeply compromised and should be impeached and/or charged with treason lets China do whatever the hell they want….CONTINUE READING

And frankly, what China is doing for Russia is no different than what Biden is doing for Ukraine.

Of course, O’Biden is completely compromised by Ukraine as well.

It’s actually insane how corrupt (and demented) Biden is.

Okay here’s the latest from Mac Slavo at SHTFPLAN:

In what will likely anger the West and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) China has decided to send military equipment to Russia to help them counter Ukraine.

Drones are among some of the gear being sent to Moscow.

China is exploiting a loophole in the West’s “strategy” to stop the conflict.

But based on the West’s actions, it’s much more likely that they want the war to continue and escalate.

China has sent Russia enough military equipment to outfit an army, using the loopholes in Western sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Politico reported.

Politico, using evidence like customs records, reported that Chinese manufacturers are delivering significant quantities of equipment to help Russia in its fight against Ukraine.

This includes enough protective gear to equip many of the troops Russia has mobilized for its invasion, as well as drones that can direct artillery fire and drop grenades on Ukrainian forces.

Chinese manufacturers have also sent thermal optical sights that can target soldiers at night, the report found. –Business Insider

The United States has already threatened China if it provides “lethal aid” to Russia in the conflict against Ukraine.

U.S. Rulers: China To Suffer “Real Costs” If It Provides Lethal Aid To Russia

The loophole is that the gear China has sent is not “lethal”. It is all considered nonlethal by the West’s own standards and is seen as dual-use, which means it can have civilian as well as military applications. This leaves Western authorities with an out if they don’t want to confront China on the issue, Politico reported according to Business Insider.

China has repeatedly denied sending military equipment to Russia since it launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. But since this equipment has “civilian uses”, Beijing is getting around the U.S.’s threats and warnings.

Not only that, but the U.S. is in no position to challenge China anyway.

Hell, we have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine as well as a ton of weapons and artillery.

We still sell China oil from our strategic oil reserves that President Trump had filled to capacity.

The United States military is not ready nor do they have the weaponry to go to war.

War is hell.

I’m still waiting for some leader to arrange for peace talks to end this useless war.

One thing for sure- it won’t be The United States.

We are no longer feared or respected.

And again, Biden is completely compromised by China and Ukraine as well as Russia and other countries so don’t expect any attempt to end the war from Biden….CONTINUE READING

It’s a freaking mess.