Reasons SeyiLaw Chides Critics Of Tinubu’s Convoy

 Popular Nigerian comedian, Seyilaw has called out the critics of President Bola Tinubu’s convoy. The Nigerian president was in Lagos for the first time since his swearing-in.

A clip circulating on social media shows the president being escorted to his abode by a very long convoy, drawing various criticisms from Nigerians….CONTINUE READING

However, SeyiLaw, a vocal supporter of President Tinubu, especially during the campaign season has reacted to the criticisms.

“Those shouting about the president’s convoy, are you sure you are okay? Well, how else do you know some people are mentally ill?

“The fact that some idiots can’t tell that the president’s motorcade is less than 10% of the entire convoy of cars shows the level of foolishness we have to deal with in this country,” the comedian tweeted.

He further stated that if the Nigerian president had asked the people not to come and welcome him at the airport, they would have danced naked that he doesn’t have any supporters.

In March, after a fierce electioneering and campaign season during which the comedian was trolled endlessly on social media, SeyiLaw extended an arm of fellowship to supporters of the two major candidates, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi.

SeyiLaw said he is so happy that people are passionate about their preferred candidates, adding that “that is the way politics should be played.” Condemning violence, the comedian said Nigerians should not develop bitterness and hatred towards one another.

He wrote; “You might not see things the way I see it. That doesn’t mean you are wrong, and I am right. It just means that we are different. If your candidates have won, I would have prayed and worked for their successes and mine.

“I apologise to those offended by my support, and I seriously condemn all the violence across the country. I have mixed feelings, not for my candidate’s winning, but for your genuine anger. However, I pray Nigeria and Nigerians’ lives get better….CONTINUE READING