Relationship: 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Sex is a very complex subject and because it varies from individual to individual, there is often a lot of unsaid things about it.

This article focuses on some of the mistakes men make during sex and what can be done to improve. These mistakes can be intentional or unintentional, but the mistakes often have an impact on sexual intercourse….CONTINUE READING HERE

1. Keep It Strictly Physical.

Many individuals are under the impression that sexual intercourse is only physical, however there is more to sexual intercourse than being together physically. There are ways to spice things up that are not physical.

If a couple is in a long distance relationship, creativity is needed to keep the bond and this cannot be physical because of the distance.

2. Thinking of themselves.

Many men are oblivious to what their partners like or prefer, simply because the only thing they have in mind is themselves this often has a negative impact on the sex lives.

Find out from your partner through an open conversation what they prefer and how they prefer it. This will give you insight and direction on how to approach them.

3. Doing the same old thing.

A boring sex life is often predictable, doing the same old thing will not only bore your partner but it might make them less attracted to you.

There are various ways to spice things up, by playing games, or simply finding out what your partners fetishes are, this will bring your sex life to a whole new level.

The best way to form a connection with your partner is through conversation, this will also help in finding out what works for both of you. Another way is to receive advice from a sex expert or sex therapist, this will introduce you to new avenues of sexual intercourse….CONTINUE READING HERE