Rep. Hern to Newsmax: How Speaker Bid Keyed by ‘Something Different’

Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Okla., told Newsmax on Friday night that his bid for House speaker is seeped in a “broader depth of leadership,” saying the GOP conference is looking for “something different.”

Hern made the comments during an interview with “Eric Bolling The Balance,” saying he’s confident he can get to the 217 votes to win the gavel…..CONTINUE READING HERE

Hern jumped into the speaker race Friday afternoon after Republicans turned down Jim Jordan’s bid for the third time and dropped him as the nominee. Hern is 1 of at least 6 Republicans expected to battle it out for the gavel.

“I believe I could and believe I can” get to 217, Hern told Bolling. “I think what our members of our conference are looking for is somebody that’s got a broader depth of leadership. Something different.”

Hern touted his 35 years in business working with McDonald’s but also his time as chair of the Republican Study Committee.

But one key litmus test in Hern’s favor is his dislike of continuing resolutions. It was a continuing ressolution that then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., passed to keep the government open that got him fired on Oct. 3.

“The only one I’ve ever supported was the one that cut 30% in spending and secured our southern border,” Hern said. “Aside from that, I’ve never supported a CR. And the CRs are a product of poor planning. … You don’t wait until Sept. 30 to start working on issues of Sept. 30.”

Further, Hern said it’s the Republican Party that has better policy, conservative policy that benefits Americans. House Republicans need to get back to work to do it, he said.

“But our policies are what the Republican Party should be known about,” Hern said. “The American people are looking for a secure border. They’re looking for energy policy that drives down the price at the pump. And right now, our economic policy that the Biden administration has thrust upon us … has been devastating … and we’ve got to stop all that.

“We need to get our speaker back in place, because what we know right now is our dearest friend and ally, Israel, is under attack, and we can’t do anything about it until we get a speaker…..CONTINUE READING HERE