See Why People Close Their Eyes Whenever They Kiss Their Partner

According to healthline When it comes to sharing a passionate kiss with our partner, it is a common phenomenon to close our eyes. Have you ever wondered why people instinctively shut their eyes during a romantic embrace? This article delves into the science and psychology behind this seemingly automatic reaction, exploring the reasons why people close their eyes when they kiss their partner….CONTINUE READING HERE

1. Heightened Sensory Experience:

Closing our eyes while kissing enhances the overall sensory experience. By blocking out visual distractions, we allow ourselves to focus solely on the physical and emotional sensations of the kiss. A study conducted by psychologists Polly Dalton and Sandra Murphy at Royal Holloway, University of London, found that shutting our eyes during a tactile experience intensifies our perception of touch, resulting in a heightened sense of pleasure and connection.

2. Emotional Intimacy:

Kissing is an intimate act that involves vulnerability and trust. By closing our eyes, we create a safe and intimate space with our partner, heightening the emotional connection between the two individuals. Dr. William Cane, author of “The Art of Kissing,” explains that shutting our eyes allows us to “be in the moment” and fully immerse ourselves in the emotional and physical bond that kissing brings.

3. Brain Overload:

Neurologically, the brain can only process a certain amount of information at once. Kissing involves a combination of sensory input, including touch, taste, and smell. By closing our eyes, we reduce the amount of visual input and allow our brain to focus more intensely on the sensations and emotions associated with the kiss. This phenomenon is known as “sensory overload avoidance” and has been studied by neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore at University College London.

4. Trust and Vulnerability:

Closing our eyes during a kiss is also closely tied to the level of trust and vulnerability we feel with our partner. By closing our eyes, we express a level of trust and surrender, indicating that we are comfortable and secure in the intimate moment. This action fosters a deeper emotional connection and strengthens the bond between partners.


Closing our eyes while kissing is a natural response deeply rooted in human psychology and neuroscience. It enhances the sensory experience, intensifies emotional intimacy, allows our brain to focus on the moment, and signifies trust and vulnerability. It is a gesture that reflects the deep connection and bond shared between two individuals….CONTINUE READING HERE