The Real Life Photos Of Sodom And Gomorrah With 30 Other Historical Places From The Bible

The occasions of the Bible occurred in genuine spots and with genuine individuals. Thus, I present to you the genuine pictures of Sodom and Gomorrah just as numerous different spots referenced in both the Old and New Testament of the Bible.

Take a virtual excursion over the scriptural scene, and see with your own eyes the urban areas where Jesus and the Apostles strolled, lived and changed their reality…..CONTINUE READING HERE

Here are 30 stunning Photos that were taken from genuine scriptural spots. 

1. Sodom and Gomorrah

2. The specific spot where Jesus Christ asked Peter multiple times, “Do You Love Me?”

3. Pool of Bathesda

4. Where Jesus Christ was attempted….CONTINUE READING HERE

5. The well at Marah

6. Golgotha

7. sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Israel

8. Mt. Carmel

9. The well where Moses met zipporah

10. Cana wedding place… Where Jesus Christ turn water to wine

11. lot’s wife

12. river Jordan

13. Capharnaum, the town of Jesus Christ

14. The consuming bush

15. The star of David

16. The road to Jerusalem

17. Where Jesus Christ supplicated the night prior to His crucification

18. The burial chamber of Jesus Christ

19. Bethesda, origination of Holy Mary

21. Mt. Sinai… Where the Lord gave the Ten Commandments….CONTINUE READING HERE

22. Mt. Hebron

23. The spot Jesus Christ was kept around evening time before His crucification

24. Burial chamber of Lazarus

25. The sea of Galilee

26. Where the assortment of Jesus Christ was laid after His crucification

27. Nursery Of Gethsemane

28. The mainstay of salt (Lot’s wife )

29. Where Jesus Christ was executed

30. Noah’s ark – the remaining parts are actually 300 cubits in length...See More