(VIDEO): “You made a grave mistake with your statement” Yomi Fabiyi calls out Mr Latin

Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has called out his senior colleague and president of TAMPAN, Bolaji Amusan better known as Mr Latin over his remark on veteran actors.

Kemi Filani reported that the President of The Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), in his defense, had stated that actors coming out for help aren’t members of the association….CONTINUE READING

Reacting to it, Yomi Fabiyi cautioned him against constantly reacting to every news on social media.

He advised him to get a Special Adviser on Media, who would censor his statements, to avoid making more mistakes.

“I am doing this broadcast to address the President of TAMPAN, Mr Latin i.e Bolaji Amusan. Mr Latin you are the president of TAMPAN, you are the president of professionals in that association. You aren’t a president of social media so whenever issues arise, I would appeal to you to take your time before you respond. I advised you a long time ago that you need Special Adviser on Media so that things would pass through the person and there would be serious censorship. You are human, if care isn’t taken you will make a mistake, like the one you just did, denying that actors seeking help aren’t members of TAMPAN. I need to be honest with you”

Pariolodo calls out Mr Latin

Just days back, veteran actor, Pariolodo had called out Mr Latin, over his refusal to assist him in his time of need.

In a video that made the rounds, Pariolodo expressed his disappointment and frustration towards Mr Latin for neglecting him.

He noted how Mr Latin hasn’t rendered any form of assistance to him despite his decades of being in the industry.

Pariolodo reminded Mr Latin that he had been in the industry long before him, noting that he started his acting journey in 1976, while Mr Latin was still in secondary school. The Actor asserted that they are not mates, age and career-wise.

Urging him not to chase clout with his name, he berated Mr Latin for insisting on not helping him because he is not a member of TAMPAN.

We have spent over N10million on actors’ health challenges” TAMPAN president, Mr Latin spills

Months back, Mr Latin, had left many bewildered by the amount of money spent on actors’ health challenges.

In an interview, the TAMPAN president revealed that the association has spent over N10million on actor’s health challenges.

He stated that the actors who beg for money on TV aren’t part of the association, hence, why the association can’t be of help to them.

According to him, TAMPAN has always come to the rescue of all active members….CONTINUE READING

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