Why Nigerians Call For Remand Of Charly Boy Over Tweet Inciting Revolt, Violence

Nigerian singer and popular Peter Obi supporter, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy has come under fire after calling on ‘exceptional’ Nigerian youths to revolt against the country.

The popular ‘Obidient’ took to Twitter on Saturday to instigate the revolt off the unrest in France, where there have been some days of riot following the killing of a 17-year-old boy by a policeman….CONTINUE READING

Charly Boy, in his logic, wanted the youths in the country to toe similar path with no explicit justification for such action.

His tweet has since left Nigerians livid as many rejected such violent line of action instigated by the singer.

Some others demanded the DSS to arrest him for making a careless and incendiary comment that threaten millions of lives and properties in the country.

A Twitter user with the username @Chartbee wrote: Like seriously!!! What’s the difference between this old Fool*sh, Bast**d man and Nnamdi Kanu?

God will Puni**h everything about you Charly Boy!!!

@OladayoMartins: Destruction is what you’re proposing ??? Areafada no sir.

Some businesses haven’t recovered from the mass looting and destruction that followed the hijack of the peaceful #EndSARS protest.

In scenarios like this it’s the people that still suffers, because the properties looted and destroyed are owned by private individuals and they have employees who make their livelihoods from the businesses.

@seye_dominic: Can you just imagine a tweet from a foolish old man!!!… DSS please let childish boy a k.a Charly boy explain himself.

@Realtorinc: Charly boy is promoting anarchy, or does he think he will survive in a state of anarchy, Charly boy or man, you are part of the ‘rich’ and ‘elite’ your dad is among those who has been in position of leadership in Nigeria.

@LydiaTeenajaja: We have no other place to call home except our Nigeria.

@AreaFada1 wants to burn down our only country because his candidate lost the election .

I call on @OfficialDSSNG to arrest Charley boy now….CONTINUE READING