Why “You Never See Anything”: Nigerians Curses Emefiele, Recall CBN Naira Redesign Policy Era

Godwin Emefiele, the suspended and embattled governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), being granted bail by the federal high court in Ikoyi Lagos, seemed not to have sat down well with some Nigerians.

This is as many of them rained curses on the embattled suspended CBN governor while they recalled the hardship Nigerians experienced when Emefiele implemented the naira redesign policy….CONTINUE READING

Some Nigerians did not wish the suspended CBN governor well after he was rearrested at the federal high court premises on Tuesday.

This is as many of them recalled their experiences during the failed naira redesign policy that was introduced by Emefiele when he was the governor of the CBN.

Emefiele was said to have introduced the policy to settle political scores, and many Nigerians could not have access to their monies during the period.

During this period, Nigerians had to buy their currencies at the black market in their own country, and many concluded that Emefiele introduced the policy to achieve political gains.

Emefiele was suspended by President Bola Tinubu and arrested by the Department of State Service (DSS) on June 19. He was arraigned on Tuesday, July 25 and was granted N20 million bail by Justice Nicholas Oweibo of the federal high court in Ikoyi Lagos.

However, the DSS rearrested the suspended CBN governor at the court premises after a physical confrontation between its operatives and that of the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCS).

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Reacting to the development, Wale Adedayo took to his Twitter page and said:

I wanted to pity this man before remembering how much I suffered during the cash confiscation disguised as currency redesign pre-election.

For everything those market women went through, for all the farm products wasted;

Some Nigerians expressed their grievances in the comment section, and below are some of their reactions.

Prince Adeshina said:

“The charges against is more than 2…. Maybe 20. As they are granting him bail, they will be arresting him for another wahala.”
On his part, Davies Joe recalled his experience during service; he said:

“During that period, this man and his crew made me pay for what I didn’t want to buy, and I suffered where I was serving, not only me but a lot of us in that place, to buy problem and to eat problem thanks God for sending one woman to us that safe us from the monetary policy.”

Oladeji Ayodele wondered why Emefiele was charged with illegal possession of firearms rather than the failed naira redesign policy. He said:

“I still doubt the arm-pilling charges. If he were to be charged for the currency redesign, it would make sense. No problem. Time will tell. Another negative side of public service in Nigeria.”

Odunayo Ibitomisin recalled that some Nigerians could not pay hospital bills during the period because they did not have access to their money, and they died in the process. He said:

“There are people who lost their families to illness because they can’t pay for hospital when they even have the money but can’t transfer and can’t get cash. Before they could get help, it was too late.”

KingLeo, on his part, warns power holders to tread carefully. He said:

“This goes to show that power is transient and equally ephemeral. Tread carefully when in the position of power….CONTINUE READING

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