“Why you’ll likely not live longer than 60 years if you marry a woman that can’t cook” – John Doe reveals

Twitter Influencer and relationship coach, John Doe has asserted that a man who marries a woman that does not know how to cook would probably die before 60.

He stated this via the microblogging platform, adding that the type of food one eats after they pass 40 years will determine if they live long….CONTINUE READING HERE

John further spoke on the need for all women to study appropriate dietrary plans and how to prepare healthy meals for their husband.

He wrote;
“If you marry a woman that cannot cook, chances that you’ll live longer than 60, is slim. What you consume after 40, will determine how long you’ll live. Every woman MUST study how to prepare healthy diets, & take control of what her husband eats. Indomie generation. End.”

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