Wizkid spotted looking downcast at his mother’s candlenight procession (Video)

In a sad and emotionally charged moment tonight, a new video has emerged of Wizkid, the Nigerian music sensation, looking downcast as he embarks on ahi’s mother’s candle night procession.

The video captures a heart-wrenching scene as he sets out for his mother’s candlelight service, marking a deeply personal moment in his life. In a live video shared by his sister, he is seen looking forlorn and close to tears with his head bowed…..CONTINUE READING HERE

A few months ago, Kemifilani reported the somber news that Wizkid had suffered the loss of his beloved mother. In the wake of this profound loss, the star artist had chosen to step back from the limelight and social media, embracing a period of mourning and introspection as he grappled with the profound impact of his mother’s passing.

However, recently, Wizkid returned to Nigeria to oversee the arrangements for his mother’s final farewell. In the video that surfaced tonight, he is seen amongst a crowd, making his way towards the candlelight procession in honor of his late mother…..CONTINUE READING HERE