4 Reasons Why Women Dislike Condoms (Opinion)

1. When a condom is used, a sexual encounter is less exciting.

Even though condoms are required by law for safety, they make it hard for women to feel comfortable in their relationships because they get in the way of their man’s natural touch. A lot of women are also taught that using a condom keeps them from having a real sexual experience and gives them a sexual high….CONTINUE READING

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2. The number of women who use condoms has made their vaginal dryness worse.

Condoms are rarely used instead of vaginal oil by women because they could dry out the vagina and cause it to tear or break.

3. Condoms have a smell that isn’t pleasant.

Condoms smell bad after being used, which makes women uncomfortable. They usually say that the smell of a remedy is too strong for their classrooms.

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4. Thin condoms don’t do much good.

Extremely thin condoms don’t work because both boys and girls feel the same pain and discomfort when they are sexually active…..CONTINUE READING