6 Main Reasons Why Your Man Takes You For Granted

Most women find it hard to enter a relationship because of their past relationship life. And how their partner takes them for granted in the name of love. But as a woman, there are some things you over-look that make some men take you for granted in a relationship….CONTINUE READING

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Your Man Take You For Granted: View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

  1. 1. You force yourself on him because you are scared of losing him or ending the relationship with him.
  2. 2. You make him understand you can’t do without him as a woman. Never show your weakness when it comes to love, no matter what. Never let your partner feel you can’t do with him.
  3. 3. You always accept everything he says, even if it doesn’t favor you. You don’t care, you just want the relationship to keep going.
  4. 5. You beg for forgiveness always, even when you know you are not wrong. If he threatens to leave the relationship, and you have done nothing bad to him, let him go. Never beg for love because if you start begging, you will always beg him to stay in the relationship.
  5. 6. You trust too much and give your all in the relationship. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.
  6. 7. You can’t do things on your own. As a woman, try to get something which can help you financially. You don’t have to wait for a man to carry all your responsibilities in the name of a relationship….CONTINUE READING
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