According to Prophet Joshua Iginla; 3 Areas You Need Deliverance.

In a video message posted on his official Facebook page, Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder and presiding General Overseer of the Abuja-based Champions Royal Assembly, identified three places where a person needs deliverance….CONTINUE  READING HERE

The cleric claims that the three areas where you need deliverance are from demons, from yourself, and from unreasonable men in the statements he says from 01:00 to 01:41 of the video. Some people need to be liberated from other guys rather than having demons thrown out of them. They should be delivered from these types of men, but instead they have turned into demons. They are the epitome of demonic activity in every way.

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As revealed by the cleric, “Some people, their problem isn’t about some witches flying at night but, it is the people they have been telling their secrets to. Also, for some people, the reason why they are not moving forward is because of their association. The people they are associated with are those responsible for their misfortunes. Your associations determine your assimilation, and your connections determine your success. There are some friends, who do not like it when you are progressing. When you buy a new car or build a new house, they are not happy”.

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As revealed by the cleric, “There are some people you need to do away with in your life; they are the reason for your problems. Such people, are not happy when they see that you are engaged with a new spouse—they are the ones that would say you do not deserve the person.

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Most times, it is not some demons that are responsible for any problems you have but rather, they are the results ot some wicked people in your life. Instead of you casting out demons; cast out these people from your life”….CONTINUE  READING HERE