BREAKING: 5 Nigerian politicians who had certificate forgery controversies

ere, we uncover the stories of politicians whose careers now have the shadow of forged certificates scandals.

One such alarming trend that has surfaced over the years involves politicians presenting forged versions of various certificates….CONTINUE READING HERE

Here, we uncover the stories of politicians whose careers now have the shadow of forged certificates scandals.

Dino Melaye

In 2017, The sanguinus former senator faced intense scrutiny when questions arose about the authenticity of his Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Ahmadu Bello University. Accusations of forgery and misinformation led to legal battles, casting doubts on his qualifications and that sparked a nationwide debate on the credibility of his academic records.

Salisu Buhari, Speaker House of Representatives 1999

In 1999, Salisu Buhari, the (then) newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, faced a scandal known as the Toronto University Saga when it was revealed that he had falsified his age and university credentials. An investigative news publication exposed Buhari’s deception, proving his false claims about graduating from Toronto University and his birth year.

Buhari publicly admitted his deceit, resigned from his position, and disappeared from public view for a decade. Despite his disgrace, he re-emerged in 2013 as a member of the governing council of the University of Nigeria, showcasing the lack of accountability in Nigerian politics, where politicians with clear evidence of wrongdoing often face minimal consequences.

Nyesom Wike Former Governor of Rivers State [Twitter/@GovWike]
Nyesom Wike Former Governor of Rivers State

Ahead of the 2019 elections lawyer Achinike William-Wobodo sued Governor Nyesom Wike for allegedly forging his Age Certificate submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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Wobodo alleged that Wike had manipulated his age to qualify for the 2019 Rivers State governorship election. Wike was accused of providing false information about his birth date, creating inconsistencies between documents he submitted and his claimed age.

Wobodo’s claims included specific details about the alleged forgery, highlighting contradictions and discrepancies in the Governor’s documentation. Wike and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), reportedly sought to suppress the case, with the Governor directing his staff not to accept any court documents.

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Similarly, Elvis Chinda, who hails from Rivers State, filed a suit in 2018, asking the court to disqualify Wike from contesting the 2019 governorship election on the grounds that the governor allegedly forged his birth certificate.

Kemi Adeosun, Former Minister of Finance

Former Nigerian Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, faced controversy for allegedly forging an NYSC exemption certificate, skipping the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps program for graduates under 30.

The scandal escalated when National Assembly members used it to blackmail her for funds. Adeosun resigned and left Nigeria.

Raised in the UK, her citizenship initially barred her from NYSC. Upon return at 34, confusion arose due to her residency history and age. Relying on associates’ advice, she sought an exemption certificate. This certificate became the crashing of her career, and the center of emotional turmoil for her. Seeking therapy, she found strength in charity work.

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The court vindicated her 3 years later.

Ademola Adeleke during his graduation ceremony

Ademola Adeleke faced controversy over his academic credentials before the 2018 Osun governorship election. Reports challenged his claims of passing GCE O’ Level in 1981, revealing an F9 grade in English Language and recorded absences in other subjects.

His profile on the National Assembly website (as a senator) also stated he earned a Diploma in Criminology from Jacksonville State University (JSU) in 1986. However, the university’s Director of Public Relations debunked this claim, stating Adeleke did not receive any degree from JSU.

Further scrutiny of his O’ Level result with the West African Examination Council showed discrepancies. Despite these controversies, Adeleke contested the election on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ticket but lost to the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate.

Following his legal challenges, he reportedly left Nigeria to pursue genuine academic qualifications. Four years later, he wins the governorship elections in Osun state…..CONTINUE READING HERE