BREAKING: A photographer gave birh to twins – one black and one albino, and the pictures she takes of them are just amazing!

Every baby is born beautiful in their own way. It does not matter what color they are, what race or religion, it also does not matter who his parents are or what they may have done during their lives....CONTINUE READING

And yet, there are babies who are born unique, and really stand out from the rest. The Nigerian-Canadian twins of and the color of her eyes and hair. But his twin sister, Kachi, is albino.

“I remember going to the first review when they told me ‘you’re pregnant with a baby’ and I said ‘no, I’m pregnant with two’. I just knew it”, Judith

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“The second review revealed that we have twins – and I was told they may have Down’s Syndrome”.

“When she was 7 weeks old Kachi was always behind, she was very small, she stopped growing, I remember the doctors said they were not sure she would survive – I am grateful she is here”.

“At first she did not cry, so I thought ‘what’s going on here?’ I did not know what she would be like”.

“I was in shock – at first I thought I was given someone else’s baby. I did not believe she was mine”.

After digesting the initial shock, Judith admitted: “I’m just happy she’s perfect – they’re both healthy and they just stressed me out for no reason...CONTINUE READING

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“Other than the fact that her color is different, she looks just like me”.

Indeed, apart from sensitive skin and imperfect vision, Kachi is a perfect little girl. Of course, she’s turning heads on the street, but that does not worry Judith, and neither should it.

She said: “It took me a while to figure out that I would have an albino girl – I was very afraid of what people would say, it’s not normal, an albino kid for black parents”.

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“I was also sad. I was worried about how society would see it, how people would treat her”.

As for the twins themselves, Judith said they have a wonderful sibling relationship and that their mother thinks ‘they do not feel there is anything different’.

We do not know about you, but we think Judith’s twins are beautiful. And they are lucky to have each other.
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